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Christa Wüthrich is an independant journalist. She has worked as an author, teacher and IKRK delegate nationally as well as internationally.

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Face it: Rwanda

Face it: Rwanda

Trying to capture Rwanda in 7 pictures.

I deeply believe that visualization is a crucial aspect towards understanding. “Face it: Rwanda” shows seven pictures, taken during the last 12 years, working, living or visiting Rwanda. I deliberately didn’t describe the pictures or tell the stories behind them. The white Madonna over the blood-soaked clothes, the keys around the little girl’s neck, the neatly stored bones and skulls. They have their own message – let’s take the time to listen.


Im Dorf 2008

Village (photo: Wüthrich)


Haus mit Kind.jpg 2019

Home (photo: Wüthrich)


Nyamata Kirche.jpg 2009

Traces  (photo: Wüthrich)


Nyamata Knochen.jpg 2009

Victimes  (photo: Wüthrich)


Geschwister 2019Siblings (photo: Wüthrich)


Version 2

Break (photo: Wüthrich)


Ruanda : Weg 2019

“En route” (photo: Wüthrich)

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